Akademia Nikona – Fotografia w podróży (05-2016)

Below are the pictures I took during the travel photography workshop organised by Nikon’s Academy in Poland (Fotografia w podróży). I am still internalizing the knowledge, skills and inspiration gained during the workshop and promise to do my best to implement it while taking pictures in the future.

I almost pledged to myself that I’d start waking up before sunrise every weekend to take pictures – luckily, the common sense took over quickly :).

The workshop was held in the picturesque island of Karsibór of the Oder Lagoon near Świnoujście, home to a number of bird species, including cormorants and sea eagles.

Some of my workshop photos were also posted on the blog of Nikon’s Academy: https://www.akademianikona.pl/blog/wpis/fotografia-z-podrozy-13-15-maja-2016

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